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Str best guide here

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Str best guide here

Post  Full Metal Frost on Wed Aug 17, 2011 4:06 am

Strength Build :

- Seeing as your main stat(as a strength wrestler) is strength, this is a rather simple stat to handle. The main thing to focus on when leveling and distributing your skill points on the different skills, is to unlock good moves.

The way to achieve all the best moves within the strength class, is to level each skill up top level 40. There is one skill that you shouldn't level up though, Stiff blow. It doesn't unlock any really good moves, nor is it a very efficient skill.

I'd recommend getting Rage and Unstoppable blow to level 40 first, spending the leftovers in Might. The reason for this is, that you will unlock the move "Leg Drop", which is probably the best TM you can get, plus you will have +40 AG, which equals that you can create your final finisher.

After having leveled those, get Fury to level 40 and spend the leftovers on might or Berserker.

Lightness: Keep this maxed at all times. Stamina reducer is an essential stat to all classes, strength in particular seeing as they execute big finishers and moves that require a lot of stamina.

Frenzied Urge: Level it up till it's level 25+. Keeping a high string of attacks is very important, a strengths defense is offense.

Head Start: After having leveled Frenzied Urge till what you think is its suitable level, you can start leveling this a bit.

Dodge and Elasticity you shouldn't level.

Block: Level this until it's level 40 at least.
Feint: Same as with block.

Escape artist, Power Grappling and Ruthless Grasp shouldn't be leveled.

Tireless and Thick skin are the two most important stats within this stat, keep them equally leveled, and focus on those two stats.

Pacification: As you continue to level resistance, you should at some point get this stat to level 25+.

Toughness is up to you whether you want to level. I wouldn't do it.

Willpower should never be leveled.

So, to sum up:

- All stats to level 40 except from Stiff blow.
- Aim to get your final TM and finisher as fast as possible.
- Rage and Unstoppable blow to level 40 first.

- Don't ever level Elasticity.
- Always keep Lightness maxed.
- Frenzied Urge to around level 25-30, then Head Start.
- Dodge won't be needed as you get Block.

- Block should be focused on.
- Feint is second priority.
- EA is only important if you want TKO(a move) which requires Feint + EA added up to level 79.
- Power Grappling and Ruthless Grasp should not be leveled at any time.

- Thick Skin and Tireless should be focused on.
- Pacification to level 20 at some point.
- Toughness is your own choice.
- Never level up Willpower.

- Keep a high string of attacks, and learn only the strongest moves so that they will help your attack strings. Also, it's much more worth it to have a few very strong moves in each position, than having a lot of decently strong ones

First, finisher:

Make a starting one, make it whatever you wish, but preferably Direct Damage. Then, aroung 30-33 AG, remake it to Groggy, with 20 AB, 1 Bleed, Always 100% Status and 100-100 Damage. It should have 800 AC. It may not look much impressive, but I promise it'll hit 2-3 in every match. Now for AG, don't need to increase it higher than 41, it's enough for being successful. I keep it at 1 finisher for maximum executions so it can level up faster and get more damage to kill your opponent faster.


Have only one, Grounded finisher. Start with TMing Knee Stomp, then train your Strength and increase Rage and Unstoppable Blow to lvl 40 in order to get Leg Drop ASAP. Once you get it, use 20 TP and remake Knee Stomp into Leg Drop without loosing executions. And keep only that one TM, it'll be wicked. I keep it at 1 Trademark for maximum executions as well Smile


Use only one, either 5s or 10s but no longer. Your own preference here Smile

Advance Technique:

At the beginning you'll need only 4 ATs:
Increased Resistance (Stamina) (keep this two levels higher than your block and attack)
Power Blow (DDI) ( keep this two levels higher than you block and attack)
Increased Block (duh...)
Increased Attack (duh...)

You may wish to get Power body for health points later on in the game, its up to !

If you stick to this and the guide I've sent you, you'll be successful and satisfied. I am Smile Strengths are so much fun, it may not be fun for you at the start, because strength are usually not so great at the start (like me) but now i destroy everybody and it is great fun Smile so enjoy Smile

Full Metal Frost

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Re: Str best guide here

Post  Super Man on Wed Aug 17, 2011 4:18 am

Lol thats Yakuza's guide

Super Man

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Re: Str best guide here

Post  Crimson Caliber on Thu Aug 18, 2011 9:07 am

post this under the main strength one i made Smile

Crimson Caliber

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Re: Str best guide here

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