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Technique Build for all

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Technique Build for all

Post  Full Metal Frost on Wed Aug 17, 2011 4:03 am

Technique Build


Your main skill is Mastery, 1 + SB/SDI. Both valuable skills you need as tech. Mastery also gains you brilliant moves as a tech such as Ankle Lock. Ankle Lock is normally a vital move in the arsenal for techs. If you're wanting a build that hit sub damage such as agonizing/ripping etc you'll want to get mastery and ruthless grasp. But if you want a build that does damage such as "violent, Mortal, LEGENDARY" etc then SDI will be the path for you (Mastery + Power Grappling).

Let me break it down you have six components of technique which are:

Block - Your main defense. Block is needed BADLY for techs to succeed in this game. No block = no defense = getting pulverised by your opponent.

Power Grappling - This is your way to getting damage on your subs. Many people argue that SDI does the ruthless, agonizing etc but I think that it is SDI that does the damage as it includes damage in the name. Power Grappling is very good if you mix it with DDI (having a level 30 s1 account which is tech and has 134% Direct Damage Increaser, DDI helps it a lot). It can make the difference of a powerful submission hold to a MORTAL submisson hold.

Ruthless Grasp - Two main reasons we need this. One, it keeps our hold locked in tighter making it harder for them to get out and it also does damage such as weak, ruthless etc. Many people use it as it gets them ankle lock (Mastery + Ruthless Grasp = 80) and that does a lot of damage early on.

Escape Artist - Escape from submissions easier, not a key component of the six and pretty useless, only decent submission from there is Full Nelson. But, that's about it.

Feint - Makes it easier to interrupt opponent's attack sequences and does it earlier if you put more into it. If you don't have any denied attacks and not that much block, put some points into feint as it will make a difference but you should really have some block or denied attacks since it can be pretty useless at times, especially with no denied attacks. You'll basically be a punching bag lol.

Mastery: Explained it earlier and explained it gets you ankle lok, 1+ SB/SDI. Helps getting Full Nelson (Mastery + Escape Artist = 72) and Ankle Lock (Mastery + Ruthless Grasp = 80) but that's about it for Mastery.

I won't go into other stats in detail but this is what you should get from them.


Tireless: Main focus, put most points into. It's stamina, holds will be ruthless for longer period of time instead of weak.

Thick Skin: Gets you health points and makes you withstand longer in matches should put into after tireless is maxed out.

Pacification/Endurance: One of these two you should pick. If you pick block as main defense put endurance as 3rd stat and Pacification as 4th, if you pick feint over block, have some of this to make it more effective and endurance 4th.

Willpower: Any other points left over should go here.


Lightness: Main stat for here. Reason being it drains you of less stamina after every move/sub which is good for you especially against resists who have lots of health points/ Damage Reducer.

Frenzied Urge/Head Start: Both useful stats here. Frenzied Urge is for every 5 you have of it, you gain one allowed attack making your allowed attacks 6. You need beserker from the strength stat if you wish to make this successful and some Attack Bonus with it also to make your moves hit. Head start sometimes dictates who has the upper hand in the match for eg you break out from their sub and if you have a few head start points put in, you could gain the advantage from that and possibly win the match from that counter. Quite useful at times but sometimes it may not be.

Elasticity/Improved Reflexses: Don't put points into these. Period. They are useless since they go against the ways techs are supposed to be. Eg block + dodge may seem a good combo but it cancels one out (eg dodge cancels block out) you should have one and stick with it otherwise you'll be all over the place blocking when you should be dodging and dodging when you should be locking. Pick block since it works better with techs.

Elasticity is Pin Bonus. Never have it! We are TECHS and make people TAP OUT not PIN them! Sure we win a couple of matches by pin but most by making them tap out like a little girl! Don't ever put points into these!


Rage: This is Adrenaline Gain. Useful for making finishers. For techs, at least 15 should be placed into here to make a decent sub finisher and see what happens then.

Unstoppable Blow: This is attack bonus, your friend. He's here to make it so that you hit your damn subs and make them tap out! Put points when necessary or get it from ATs instead.

Might: This is DDI. Normally mixed with SDI to make subs much more powerful with base finisher, before you hit your submissions *weak ruthless etc*. Can wear your opponents down alot, worth getting in ATs also.

Beserker: Mixed with Frenzied Urge, it can be a game changer. Worth getting if your taking the frenzied urge path instead of just Head Start.

Sitff Blow: DON'T GET IT AT ALL. It's useless; bleed bonus is only good if making a bleed build.

What Advanced Techniques to get:

Advanced Techniques (AT's) are extremly useful which you unlock level 5+, using your hard earned exp you should get these two ATs to start with

Increased Resistance: Stamina. That's what makes the difference of not being worn out to being worn out.

Increased Block: You should get this on the side if you're having feint, but even if you're getting block as primary defense it's worth getting to boost yourself up with defense.

Other ATs to get:

If you're going for normal SB based build get Increased submission third

if not you should go for Mortal Submission (more SDI) or Power Blow (more DDI)

Fourth should be Increased Attack or if you're going for damage build Power blow or mortal submission then you should get Increased Attack.

Finishers: If you have 15 AG, which I recommended was the minimum, then do 15 x 25 which is... 375 Adrenaline cost. That should be your adrenaline cost maximum for finisher. You can do a 20-20 damage with 10 AB and 1 SB in the stunned position and the forced position is also stunned. It should come to 370 which is an OK starter.

PM me for any more details.

Full Metal Frost

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Re: Technique Build for all

Post  Crimson Caliber on Thu Aug 18, 2011 9:15 am

looks great
post it under the main tech post i made Smile

Crimson Caliber

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