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Resistance build and its finishers

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Resistance build and its finishers

Post  reptile on Wed Aug 17, 2011 3:09 am

First of all: max out means putting as much points into the skill as possible.

Strength: max out rage, the other points into Might
Speed: max out lightness, rest into frenzied urge
Technique: Max out Feint, other points into Escape Submissions
Resistance: Your class-skill, and of course the most important one.
Max out Endurance –class skill-, max out Thick Skin till 37 points in Thick Skin ( so you get Big Splash Pin and Banzai Drop fastest way), then stop spending into thick skin, all other points into Toughness till you have 31 toughness, then stop spending points there as well. Then put all your points –expect the ones for endurance!- into Tireless, so you will get Gorilla Press fast Very Happy If you got Gorilla Press keep Endurance maxed and put all other points into tireless and toughness in an amount which you like. Then add minimum 20 Pacification

A Hint: Why spending points that way? Because you will get the strongest moves for a Resistance-wrestler as fast as possible so they can level fast and trigger often, so you will easily win matches: D

Advanced techniques:
When you get exp, you can buy advanced techniques. As a Resistance you need three Advanced techniques - in chat they all say AT to advanced techniques-
These 3 are: Damage Reducer, Power Blow and Increased Resistance.
Your Damage Reducer should always be one level higher then increased resistance
When you reach more then 300 Stamina and more then 150% Damage Reducer start spending EXP in Power Blow as well, but Damage Reducer should always be like 3 lvls higher then Power Blow.

Last but not least:
Okay, the finishers need adrenaline. You get adrenaline when you hit and when you get hit. Example: Your rage + 1 is your adrenaline gain, which is 3 atm. so you get 3 adrenaline points per move you hit on your rival and 1.5 adrenalinepoints when he hits you.

Required adrenaline calculation:

You are a Resistance, so to get your best required adrenaline you have to multiply your adrenaline gain with 30.

Now I will send you finishers with cost around 300, because in the beginning, you must get your strength to 10 and max out rage. then you will have 11 adrenaline gain and the finishers will hit good.

First of all, as a Resistance you use only 1 finisher: A Pin Finisher

Pin Damage Finisher:
Position required: stunned
Position if suffered: stunned
Minimum Damage: 50
Maximum Damage: 75
Attack Bonus: 10
Pin Bonus: 1


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Re: Resistance build and its finishers

Post  Crimson Caliber on Thu Aug 18, 2011 9:19 am

looks good, post it under the main resist post i made Smile

Crimson Caliber

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